Fresh Start

Do you ever feel like you just need a fresh start? Yeah. I know.

I’m envious of those young people who haven’t had their first kiss, opened their first credit card, or taken their first college course. Love. Money. Education. The three areas, in my opinion, where a fresh start might be needed.

If I could delete from my personal database of memories certain relationships, debts, and classes I nearly failed, I would. I know those things – those experiences – have shaped me into the strong, smart woman I am today (hmph hmph). I’ve heard it a million times, and restated to others just as much, that our experiences in life are our own. Blah blah blah. Yup.

Even so, I wouldn’t mind giving up some of those experiences and bad scores. I’ve had enough other things happen in my life to give me character – like an old house or piece of furniture that’s seen its days. Would I be any less of a great, old (I’m not old) coffee table if people would have just used coasters instead of letting condensation roll down glasses and create rings on me? No. I’d still be great! And I’d have great patina, I’m sure. But I don’t think the rings on my surface are necessary or are adding anything to my “character.”

Thus. I’d like a fresh start please. I’d like to create a checklist and be able to go to a court of law and say, “Can I get an annulment from THESE things please?” Just pretend like they never happened at all.

Wishful thinking? Yes. I know.

I know.


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